Day Before Early Festival Site Preparations

Images from Friday afternoon and evening as setup activities begin getting underway.

Image of gay pride flags at and above street side fence-line at Cabot's Pueblo Museum. Flags are bright appearing from sunlight rear illumination and partly cloudy sky above.

Fleet of golf carts to assist our guests getting around the festival.

A picture of two golf carts with tiny rainbow flags attached to the over pillars.

Sponsor Honorarium Banner For All Those Supporting DiversityDHS First Pride Festival.

Picture of an upright oriented banner with 23 separate organization logos categorized as Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze on a white field background.

Portion of DiversityDHS and Cabot’s Pueblo Museum staff discuss festival logistics.

DiversityDHS and Cabot's Pueblo Museum staff discuss festival logistics. Seen in picture standing in upper area parking lot are 7 members conversing in front of Iconic indian statue, the key symbol representing the origin and history of the Museum grounds.

More DiversityDHS staff attending to the ‘nuts and bolts’ requirements necessary to setup the festival grounds.

An images of three DiversityDHS staff working to setup the festival. Each is seen pulling a small wheeled dolly car with cement blocks intended as weight to stabilize tents.

Beer service truck preparing to pour many servings!

Image of the side of a beer dispensing trailer. Seen is four draft beer dispensing nozzles attached to a trailer side-wall with the brand-name 'Bud Light' in blue lettering impressed upon a white surface of the trailer.

Main Performance and Dance Tent in process of assembly.

Images shows a large tent canopy sitting at ground level awaiting being lifted to it's normal height.

Row upon row of exhibitor tents awaiting final assembly.

Image shows rows of exhibitor tents sitting at ground level in the parking area awaiting final assembly.

Exhibitor tent assembly continuing late in the night.

Picture shows individual male standing on ladder inside partially assembled exhibitor tent. He is attaching a 'step and repeated' log backdrop to the tent frame.


Check back soon for Festival Day Pictures and Video!