Desert Hot Spring Police Conduct Security Screening Workshop

Image displays Desert Hot Springs Police Chief Dale Mondary standing in front of DiversityDHS Festival announcement banner. He is left hand holding a yellow backpack, his other arm and hand outstretched in an instructional pose to an audience that is unseen to left off camera.

Desert Hot Springs Police Chief Dale Mondary presented a security screening workshop to DiversityDHS staff and volunteers on Sunday, November 12th, less than a week prior to the upcoming festival.

The presentation offered instruction to entry area staff in how to deter, detect and reveal potential security challenges with the goal of creating a completely safe venue for all guests.

The festival will have uniformed police officers and other security personnel both identifiable and undercover present to ensure a comfortable secure environment that our guests may feel confident attending.

An image of sign that will greet visitors at the entrance indicating admission policies; In order it says:

Items prohibited on the Festival Grounds include but not limited to:

  • Weapons of ANY kind.
  • Smoking of ANY kind.
  • Electronic cigarettes (i.e.) Vape Pens
  • Alcohol (Beer and Wine available from festival vendors)
  • Illegal substances (determination at discretion of festival staff and/or law enforcement present)
  • Pets (service animals, of course are, welcomed)
  • Unauthorized and/or unsolicited vendors