Find below answers to the most common questions you may have about Desert Hot Springs Pride 2017 Festival.

Is there an entry fee?

No. The festival is free to our guests and we invited all persons of the entire diverse spectrum to come and enjoy!  Of course, food and merchandise is extra.

Is there also a parade?

At this time the only parade with an LGBT contingent within the City of Desert Hot Springs is the annual Holiday Parade in December.

Will there be accessible facilities?

Yes. The festival site, at Cabot's Pueblo Museum, is an accessible location with restrooms, ramps and level entrances that comply with accessibility standards.

Are there attractions that extend into the evening?

Since our festival is during the 3rd week of November, the outdoor weather is at it's finest. As such, the festival takes full advantage with closing time at 5pm, just before dark.

Can I reserve a booth space?

All exhibitor booths were reserved well in advance. We are opening reservations for Desert Hot Springs Pride 2018 immediately after the festival.

Can I volunteer to assist at the festival?

Absolutely! Simply click on the 'Donate' link here on the menu and select either 'Volunteer' or 'Donate' to help do your part.