Desert Sun Newspaper Festival Advertisement (final published run, Friday, November 17th (Arts & Culture Section)


Snapshot image of festival advertisement appearing in The Desert Sun Newspaper. Final published run was November 17th, 2017

Our Season of Festival Fundraising Parties


DiversityDHS has been busy all year making sure our very first November 18th Desert Hot Springs Pride Festival is both adequately funded and well organized.

The following images and videos detail just a few of our many diligent efforts to bring awareness through special events, social-mixers, dance, music and entertainment to the Desert Hot Springs LGBT community as well as the entire Coachella Valley and beyond.

Our work began late in 2016, continues to this day and into the future to our first festival and onto next year's too! Keep an eye on this section as we continue to detail our amazing story through pictures and video!

Dillion's Burgers and Beers Fundraising Event

Advertisement Poster For Hot August Nights - Dillions Burgers and Beers - A night-time scene in front of Dillions Burgers and Beers with several motorcycles parked below a brightly lit establishment sign.

Come and get it! Short video of DiversityDHS 'Hot August Nights' fund raising event at Dillon's Burgers and Beers. Thank you Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Palms Springs, DJ Edward Noriega and many others for this most amazing night!

Posted by Jay Cooley on Sunday, August 6, 2017

A motorcycle themed party at the locally popular Dillion's Burgers and Beers. August 5th, 2017. DJ Noriega and The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence wowed the crowd.

See Event Video Above

Playoffs Sports Lounge Fundraising Event

Advertisement Poster For Playoffs Tea Dance. An entertainer - Marquee style poster with framed images of headline entertainers over a rainbow fractal neon impression light source over black background.

Come and get it! A short thank you video to Desert Hot Springs Playoffs Sports Bar & Lounge for hosting yesterday's DiversityDHS Tea Dance.

Posted by Jay Cooley on Monday, September 11, 2017

Sunday Tea Dance just the way you like it at Desert Hot Spring's Playoffs Sports Lounge, September 10th, 2017. A racy bump and grind dance themed event with tunes spun by DJ Noriega. Singing and entertainment by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Palm Springs.

See Event Video Above.

Desert Hot Springs Inn Summer Pool Party

Advertising Poster For Desert Hot Springs Inn Pool Party. An aqua / pool scene with female in swimsuit floating upon a pizza slice shaped raft. Multiple blue / aqua panels describe the set of offerings, i.e. food, entertainment, raffle, movie (John Travolta's famous 'Saturday Night Fever'.)

A evening pizza, movie and swim pool party complete with a 'Merman' gracing poolside to amazed onlookers. Entertainment included a saucy drag show. Hosted at Desert Hot Springs Inn on July 9th, 2017!

Mod Mod World Party At Miracle Springs Spa Resort

Advertising Poster For Mod Mod World Fundraiser Party. A multiple panel display with colors representing the era style. Browns, lime green, dark green, gold. Two persons seen in black and white 60's fashion attire. Other text indicating details of the event (i.e.) dancing, music, cocktails, drawings, etc.

Spring event at Miracle Springs Spa Resort. April 1st, 2017. A 60's Mod World themed cocktail party featuring the dress, music, food and finery of the era. KeishaD rocked the evening and dancing followed shortly thereafter!