Desert Hot Springs
Pride 2017

Advertising and Promotional Campaign

Our very first Pride Event has enjoyed an amazing pre-event series of parties, community awareness gatherings and fund-raising efforts. Each conceived, imagined, developed and brought to reality with the goal of ensuring Desert Hot Springs Pride 2017 is an event to remember.

Official Desert Hot Springs Pride 2017 Event Poster

Picture of the official Desert Hot Springs Pride 2017 event poster. Depicted as Cabot's Pueblo Museum, (the upper portion) rendered in rainbow colored overlay. Above and behind the Pueblo is a radiant 'rising sun' with rays rendered in mostly yellow and orange colors. The bottom portion of the poster has irregular multicolored text indicating 'entertainment', community, dancing. etc. Also shown is a series of four small pictures with the headliner entertainers shown. There is a dance tent with many individuals under showing in many varied solid-color renderings. Below, is a field with numerous logos indicating the many sponsors and exhibitors slated to participate at the festival.